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Welcome to this online business English course designed for individuals looking to enhance their careers through improved English skills. In today’s interconnected business landscape, effective communication is crucial. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or aiming to boost your career, this self-paced course is here to help.

The course goes beyond basic language learning, focusing on real-world scenarios and industry-specific communication. It is flexible, fitting into your schedule and learning speed and with the interactive modules and assessments, you’ll develop skills for presentations, negotiations, and cross-cultural interactions.

As you advance, you’ll gain the confidence and language skills for success. Better communication can lead to promotions, international employment opportunities, and personal growth. Invest in your future by mastering business English with me and open doors in the global business arena.

Included in the course …

12 modules, 56 lessons PLUS free downloadable pdf files.

Four hours of FREE online private tuition to support your learning.

Learn when and where you want, with up to 24 months access to course material.

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I am someone who used to be afraid to speak English because I always felt uncomfortable when I made mistakes. Learning with Tim is a completely different experience. He is not only been a great teacher, he has become a mentor. Thank you so much Tim.
Doan Ngoc Phuc

Tim is not an only teacher, he is also a life coach. Each lesson is like therapy. He is really friendly and helpful. He evaluates my level very well, and prepares very interesting topics for each lesson. He encourages me to push myself about challenging conversations.

Hi there! Are you looking for a great teacher? Look no further! I benefited so much from Tim’s classes. He helped me to correct a lot of mistakes, including grammar, idioms and expressions. He is helping me to getting closer to my dream 💓 Thank you, Tim! You are amazing